The Light Labyrinth 
The Holotope
Join us on this amazing adventure into transcendent meditation and conscious lucid dream states with 
Advanced Light  Meditation Technology.

                     The Awakened Journey
We invite you to experience The Light Labyrinth™ - a powerful new technology combining spectacular crystals with exquisite computerized light programs. You will journey through transcendent beauty with dazzling color and brainwave light frequency programs projected into dynamic quartz crystals.

   The specialized light programs calm the complex visual and auditory stimulation the mind is normally receiving and creates a safe and effective way to relax and explore different states of consciousness. 


The Holotope 
An Exquisite Multidimensional Journey!


   Take a fantastic multidimensional journey to your higher mind with the Holotope, the latest spectacular visual art, light and sound meditation created from the light and biofeedback laboratories of artist Randall Fontes and produced and developed by Kirby Seid of The Light Labyrinth Project. Using pioneering technology that integrates the beauty of light, sound and form, Fontes and Seid assist groups and individuals into transcendent spiritual states.


   “When light patterns activate this moving geometric mandala, it begins unfolding like a lotus in front of you and within you. As you witness the mind trying to capture the mystery, awareness touches the inmost self and spontaneous meditation arises.”


   “I felt clear, calm, and relieved of all physical tension as if I had meditated for several hours.” reflects author Sheldon Norberg. “It made me wonder what tremendous healing potential this device has for people with all sorts of ailments.”



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