Liminal Light and Crystals
Revealed Through the Mind and Heart of a Scientist 
Randall Fontes

I've been involved in meditation since 1966, and the Liminal Light and crystal experience is one of the easiest tools I've ever seen to introduce somebody into self-reflection. This is an incredibly important tool to use in tandem with teachers and spiritual guides. It can reflect the deepest level of one's personal evolution. One of the fundamental things to realize about this approach is that the experiences you are having in the crystal light realm are not different from you. The more you surrender into the crystal and light, the more you allow it to become alive, as a reflection of you, the more it speaks to you about yourself. The crystal light realm has almost an infinite realm of possibilities for you to experience. The mind can rarely sit still just looking at fissures and inclusions very long; it's the tendency of the mind to want to know what it's looking at, which, in this case, is in fact just crystal, color and light. Yet all of a sudden you see a landscape, a fish, a face or a strand of DNA, which are all projections. What's a projection? It's your own psyche. So the moment you surrender past the rigid interpretation of this as a crystal, the moment anything else appears there, that's you. If you use this as a mirror of the unconscious mind, or of the soul or the spirit, it will be that for you. Occasionally something will come through that is not attributed to this ego and there will be an element of grace that emerges. If you are open, and this experience helps you open, you will become soft and pliable to the psychic input. When that happens, if there is information and guidance that you really need it can come through to you. A blessing can come, a vision can come, and quite possibly your Higher Self can speak to you; it can caution, enlighten and lift you. That's why the crystal and light experience serves as a sort of vehicle or oracle. The Liminal programs can also balance contracted colors with expanded colors based on one's color history. When I do color readings sometimes a person will take red and move it away from all the other colors. Quite often the color that is most problematic is chosen last. That color tends to move away from the other colors and what we need to do is pull that color back and heal the contraction around that color. In the case of someone who has a contraction with red we try to mend the possible misuse of power that the person may have experienced in his or her life and help them see power in another way. Little by little that color can move back into the spectrum of who the person is, and there is healing in that; there is surrender, ease and peace.

These programs include a very complex palate of color. There are almost infinite possibilities of color frequencies and color alternations involved, such as colors that stand still as the ground plane while two other colors bounce back and forth. There are repeated opportunities over and over to surrender the anxiety about a color and allow it to be expansive, especially in association with helper colors. This gives the viewer the ability to move through his or her whole life experience as it is reflected in these energetic states that we call colors. What happens in a room full of people using Liminal Light is that each person is experiencing the contracted and expanded color zones in their own spectrum, and everyone receives repeated opportunities to surrender their contractions until finally you get a combined sense of deep peace. If you seek grace in the realm of light and crystal you will find it. The dance of the light within the crystal is like the dance of Creation. Many worlds arise and dissolve again and again. All the entanglements and attachments of the mind are surrendered, until finally, peace and joy stand in their place. 

Randall Fontes is an artist, teacher, scientist, researcher and body worker who has been practicing healing with light and color for over 25 year. His research work has included Stanford Research Institute, and led him to design exhibits for the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

Kirby Seid has been teaching, working with artifacts and the mineral kingdom, on a multitude of levels, for over 20 years. He has been importing crystals, helping create advanced technologies which access crystals, fossils and mineral specimens as well as designing and creating tools for shamanic practices. He holds a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.