Crystal Visions and The Light Labyrinth 
Ancient Wisdom enhanced by Modern Technology

Crystals, minerals, light and sound have been used throughout time to access shamanic visions and healing in ancient traditions. 
To the Druids, the real magic of [crystal] glass lay in its ability to refract white light into the color spectrum as is well known by observing a rainbow phenomena. Through such patterns the druids believed that man was privileged with a rare opportunity to know something of Divinity. “In the book, The 21 Lessons of Merlin, Douglas Monroe says that one of the underlying principles of all druidism is the secret of color in the long-standing mystery of the druid’s affiliation with both light and crystal stone in the practice of scrying.” explains student of mysticism Peter Warner. 

Crystal spheres and carvings have been known to be important in sacred ceremony. In particular, the Crystal Skull has been revered by ancient cultures throughout human history. As the symbol of the vessel for human consciousness, various native North American and South American Indian cultures have used carved stone skulls in ceremonies representing the passage and evolution of the human existence to higher planes. Some tribes use them as portals into specific realms of their spirit helpers and ancestors. They have been traditionally used as record keepers, witnesses to very important spiritual events in communities, or personal rituals of power. These special talismans have also been used as keepers of scared dreams, knowledge and power. 

Sha Na Ra, is the name of an authentic ancient crystal skull guardianed by Khrys Nocerino and the Late FR.Nick Nocerino. Discovered on an archeological dig near Guerrero Mexico, by Nick, many people have had deep visions, intuitions, past life recalls, and messages from the unseen through this cherished artifact. It is the Nocerino’s gift and wish to make Sha Na Ra available to persons sincerely seeking experience and council with this ancient artifact. When viewed with the The Light Labyrinth, the latest innovation in light, color and sound technology, the crystal skull Sha Na Ra is illuminated to new realms of visioning possibilities.

The Light Labyrinth, used in conjunction with quartz crystals and crystal skulls, is designed to facilitate viewers to access mystical and visionary experiences. The Light Labyrinth incorporates over 250 super LED lights with several computer-generated programs of varying light cycles and stunning color effects which, when projected upward into a natural quartz crystal illuminates the fractal planes and fissures and can produce profound shifts in consciousness for the viewer. This technology has the ability to reveal liminal states - those states in between waking and sleeping, the conscious and unconscious. This creates the opportunity for experiencing the mystical, shamanic states the ancients spoke about; the light, color, and crystals becoming portals to other dimensions of awareness. The carefully selected programs are a combination of strobe and color effects designed to help the meditating viewer reach a gentle hypnogogic trance state and allow the viewer to break out of normal consciousness and access other states of awareness.

The Light Labyrinth includes a multitude of features that expand the viewer’s experience. There are several programs that play nine distinct “light forms”, individual strands of light composed together to create light streams that combine various modes such as beat frequencies, duty cycle, depth and intensity and complex color combining. The constant color (non-strobing) and strobing mode palettes provide the viewer with varied depths of hypnogogic experiences. To facilitate chakra meditations, a "single color mode" allows work with one color at a time. There are seven super bright LED light colors that can be at any brightness level, constant or strobing, and the viewer can cycle through the seven colors and multiple “light form” programs using the remote control. For those interested in working with brainwave entrainment, the strobing programs can be set to pulse at Alpha (10Hz) or Theta (5Hz) frequencies. These program features facilitate an interactive and mystical experience with the crystal and the light.

The latest new program for the Light Labyrinth is the Music Visualizer, which creates an experience of synethesia, allowing viewers to see what they are hearing and sense patterns in music and sound they would not normally perceive. This creates a multisensory experience of sound and music and helps viewers observe the deeper, often hidden, patterns of music. The seven brilliant LED colors of the Light Labyrinth are each assigned a range of sound frequencies. The colors blend and dance to the ranges of sound frequency when played with any form of music for spectacular results. The color and light sensitivity to the sound frequency can be adjusted. The music program also includes the ability to adjust the Sampling Rate, which is how often the sound is rendered into colored light. This enables the Light Labyrinth viewer to fine-tune the Music Visualizer to his or her specific musical sensitivity.

Among those working with The Light Labyrinth are spiritual teachers and practitioners, musicians, chiropractors, hypnotherapists, scientists, artists, shamanic healers, and leaders of rituals. One Reiki certified Holographic Repatterning practitioner recently said, “ While I worked with the light [Light Labyrinth] and a crystal sphere I did different eye movements and gazes trying to access all the brain areas. As I worked it felt like my brain was synching up…and the synapses and neurotransmitters were waking up... when I relaxed the eyes and allowed them to follow the [light and color] tracers through the crystal, there were actually times when I know I was in an open eye REM state and could feel connections being hooked up in the brain. There were actually times when it felt like the sphere was mirroring what my brain was doing. [The next] night my vision was much clearer, I felt much lighter, more connected to myself, more optimistic. My body movements also improved and freed up dramatically…my attitude was upbeat and my head was clearer.” One hypnotherapist incorporates the Light Labyrinth into her group and private practice. “The Light Labyrinth [and the crystal] enhances the group experience immeasurably. It enables people to read each other better. I turn it on for every session I have and, even when the group is not gazing at it, it makes the healing energy in the room glow! It absolutely glows!” Other healers and teachers have experiences of lucid dreaming, and angelic or spiritual guide appearances. 

The dance of the light and color within the crystal mirrors the dance of Creation. If you seek grace in the realm of light and crystal you will find it. Many worlds arise and dissolve again and again. All the entanglements and attachments of the mind are surrendered, until finally a new awareness stands in their place. 

Kirby Seid has traveled the world for crystals, minerals, fossils and artifacts. He teaches crystal workshops and designs crystal tools for shamanic practices. Dedicated to the union of the crystal/mineral kingdom and that of our spiritual human evolution, Kirby has found that human awareness, crystal consciousness and light consciousness can synergize into transcendent states of awareness. Kirby has also been developing the Light Labyrinth Project in collaboration with Artists from the Exploritorium in San Francisco, Artist and software writers from Apple Computers, and local electronic engineering designers.