The Light Labyrinth
New Evolution Light Mind Technology

Crystals, minerals, hypnotic flickering light and sound have been used throughout history to access shamanic visions and healing in ancient traditions. The Light Labyrinth is an advanced light and sound visualizer system that projects dazzling light programs into natural quartz to assist hypnogogic states for deep meditation and profound enjoyment. The Light Labyrinth light form programs help calm the complex visual and auditory stimulation the mind is constantly receiving and help the viewer shift awareness, play, explore and journey. Light and sound meditation is a safe and effective way to relax and explore different states of consciousness. The Light Labyrinth is uniquely operated with a remote control for an interactive experience that allows the system to be played as a light instrument. The system features The Music Visualizer which turns music into a visual feast and comes with MIDI support for voice, guitar and keyboard. With The Light Labyrinth viewers have accessed profound meditation, deep peace, lucid dreaming, creative inspiration, inner spiritual guidance or simply enjoyed an inspiring experience! 

The Light Labyrinth meditation programs are projected into the landscapes of natural quartz crystals with spectacular colors for a truly transcendent experience. Quartz crystals evolved deep within the earth millions of years ago, growing at the same majestic pace as the planet. Geological forces acting upon these matrices of silicon dioxide produced multiple geometric effects- refractive planes, fissures, inclusions and veils - which the brilliant colors of the Light Labyrinth highlight for an exquisite effect. The quartz molecular structure creates a stable electro-magnetic resonance, which has a calming effect on surrounding energy fields. The Light Labyrinth programs combine with the quartz crystal piezo-electric properties to lift resonant fields and create a beautiful harmonic environment for meditation and inspiration. “Quartz crystal can create altered states of consciousness and serve as vehicle for both reaching and utilizing the talents and abilities of the mind. Traditionally the natural quartz crystal was said to both harmonize and align human energies: thoughts, consciousness, and emotions- with the energies of the universe. The quartz crystal can be used to facilitate both speaking with and receiving information from the spiritual and can help one understand the messages and lessons conveyed during the dream state.” 

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The Light Labyrinth incorporates 274 super bright LED lights with over 14 complex computer programs of varying light cycles and stunning color effects and includes a multitude of features that expand the viewer's experience. The Light Form programs create light streams that combine various modes such as beat frequencies, duty cycle, depth, intensity and complex color combining. The non-strobing and strobing features provide the viewer with varied depths of hypnogogic experiences. Single Color Mode and The Chakra Meditation allow work with one color at a time. For those interested in working with brainwave entrainment, the strobing programs can be set to pulse at Alpha, Theta, or Delta frequencies. All the programs and features are guided by the viewer with a remote control for an extraordinary adventure. This technology has the ability to reveal liminal states - those states between waking and sleeping, the conscious and unconscious. This creates the opportunity for experiencing the mystical, shamanic states the ancients spoke about - the light, color, and crystals becoming portals to other dimensions of awareness.

The latest program for the Light Labyrinth is The Music Visualizer which allows viewers to see what they are hearing and sense patterns in music and sound they would not normally perceive. This creates a multisensory experience of music and helps viewers observe the deeper, often hidden, patterns within the music. When activated, the Music Visualizer is configured to work with live or recorded music. Simply plug in a CD Player, iPod, sound system, microphone or instrument, and The Music Visualizer maps the entire range of human hearing (20Hz - 20KHz) to the seven colors of the Light Labyrinth. The Music Visualizer renders recorded music and live performances into a dazzling show of color and light. 

Among those using The Light Labyrinth in their work are workshop leaders, hypnotherapists, scientists, artists, musicians, healers and spiritual teachers and practitioners. One healing practitioner, Wendy Teague notes, “ While I worked with The Light Labyrinth with different eye movements and gazes it felt like my brain was waking up... when I relaxed my eyes and allowed them to follow the light and color tracers through the crystal, there were actually times when I know I was in an open eye REM-like state… it seemed like the sphere was mirroring what my brain was doing. 

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The next day my vision was much clearer, I felt much lighter, more connected to myself, more optimistic. My body movements, which were stiff from an injury, improved and freed up dramatically.” Hypnotherapist Barbara LaRocca observed, “The Light Labyrinth enhances the group experience immeasurably. It enables people to read each other better. I turn it on for every session I have and, even when the group is not gazing at it, it makes the healing energy in the room glow! It absolutely glows!” Other healers and teachers have had experiences of emotional resolution, lucid dreaming, and angelic or spiritual guide appearances. 

“I want to tell you what a profound effect the crystals, light and music had on my own healing. Besides seeing so many beings in the crystal, I received guidance on a conflict that I have been having. I am sure you must hear many stories such as mine, but I hope it helps to know how meaningful your work is.” Jackie

“Almost every single time I've spent about an hour with the Light Labyrinth, with or without flashing, I have had lucid and very detailed dreams where I'm conscious in the dreams and experiencing very detailed images.” Randy Masters

“I can see holograms when I watch the Light Labyrinth. The colors are phenomenal, and they bring the crystals to life!” Flora La Rayne

“I have been using the Light Labyrinth as a way to shut off the talking mind and allow myself and others to open to the subconscious mind, similar to the shamans drum. When the chaos of the patterns come, the talking mind gets turned off so that the subconscious mind is more accessible, which is the same principle used in hypnotic work.” Peter Werner 

“The Light Labyrinth definitely puts me in a trance in a complete and total state of awe, and brings me a feeling that everything's OK.” Louisa McKusky, Wise Awakening 

Kirby Seid has traveled the world for crystals, fossils and ancient artifacts with his mineral business, and has taught crystal workshops and designed crystal tools for shamanic practices for the past 25 years. Kirby has a B.A. degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and is dedicated to the union of the crystal/mineral kingdom with our spiritual human evolution. Kirby teaches Light Labyrinth and crystal workshops across the US and leads seminars at Omega Institute in New York. He has been developing the Light Labyrinth Project in collaboration with artists and scientists who have worked with the Exploratorium in San Francisco and Apple Computer.