Evolutionary Journeys with 

The Holotope

   This new technology can be a tool for self-empowerment and addressing old patterns, while helping you reach states of inner awareness and connection with life and the Universe.

   Seated in front of a screen, you will enjoy a light show, rippling with pulsating colors, patterns and music. It is a beautiful journey of mind and heart. You are likely to feel a sense of 'oneness', coming ‘home’, enlivened bodily energy sensations, inner knowing and deep peace - with many pleasing side-effects in your life.

   The complex colorful designs illuminated on the screen combine both geometric and fractal patterns. Physicists say these 'super-symmetry' patterns represent the fundamental building blocks of our existence and contain information about our true nature and potential, We touch into something profound when we gaze at the design, which has been called a divine blueprint for the universe. It awakens something within and connects us with our more expanded consciousness. This has also been called the 'eye of creation' meditation by some spiritual teachers. Others have called it the cosmic television. 


   However you see it, you can expect to have an enjoyable enlightening experience.


   Many people are aware of the benefits of color, light and music therapy, but the Holotope Oaysis provides a new combination of these energetic frequencies and, according to the inventors, possibly a doorway into the multi-dimensional awareness and frequency fields beyond our normal physical senses. These are the frequencies associated with beings of great spiritual awareness, ecstasy and knowledge.


“The Yaqui shamans tell us that when the inner dialog is brought to silence everything is possible. We can create anything, we can invent anything, and we can grow ourselves into anything.” 

   The majestic Holotope artwork centers on a stunning geometric mandala that creates the shadow of an 8 dimensional object on a 2 dimensional surface. This beautiful 8 dimensional geometric form is based on the E8 Polytope, a 248 dimensional geometry currently being explored in physics as the unifying symmetry of all universal forces. Some mathematicians consider the polytope to be the most beautiful shape in mathematics. The E8 calculation, a gigantic project taken on by an extensive team of mathematicians and supercomputers, extended into 60 gigabytes, the printout of which would cover an area the size of Manhattan. 
   Physicist Garret Lisi has shown the rotation of the E8 polytope and the corresponding relationship of all subatomic particles. In Lisi's theory, each of the 248 symmetries of E8 corresponds to a different elementary particle as it twists and turns over space-time, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry. On the Holotope artwork, each dimension of the 8 dimensional polytope is layered in brilliant colors, surrounded by an array of fractal patterns. Light compositions that have been developed over decades of experience with color and biofeedback reveal fascinating subtleties in the intricate geometry. As frequencies of light, sound and form blend, viewers are lifted into expanded perception. 

I am awestruck! I have had an experience that I can hardly begin to describe.” Holotope participant

   Fontes has developed special light compositions through years of guiding individual sessions with the Oaysis using biofeedback. Heart rate, galvanic electrical response in the skin, and pupil dilatation are examples of subtle physical responses that can be measured indicating emotional changes. During the Holotope meditation, as the music and light forms transition, biofeedback tells the computer program which patterns are stimulating physical and emotional responses and memories. The computer then hovers around specific color compositions. As you watch the intricate play of light and color, it immediately reflects back to you what you are feeling as you unfold and resolve a particular issue. 

   "Our life history is embedded in the nervous system and musculature or “armoring” of our bodies.” says Fontes. “It is through sensory feedback, that it is possible for our bodies to speak directly to us. When we feel safe, we can begin to surrender many layers of physical and emotional holding that are no longer needed. If we are to achieve peace we must first acknowledge what our bodies have been asked to carry on our behalf. Just as each wave of the ocean smoothes and cleanses the beach, each wave of release within the body brings with it the opportunity to wash away another layer of holding. In this intimate experience of self, layers of the past fall away until you reach a place of peaceful communion with your Self.”

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