Exquisite Journeys with The Oaysis

   Take a fantastic multidimensional journey to your higher mind with The Oaysis, the latest spectacular visual art, light and sound meditation created from the light laboratories of Randall Fontes and produced by Kirby Seid of The Light Labyrinth Project. Using pioneering technology that integrates the beauty of light, sound and form, Fontes and Seid assist groups and individuals into transcendent spiritual states. “The underlying unity of these primal forces can be realized through direct experience.” explains Fontes.


   “When light patterns activate this moving geometric mandala, it begins unfolding like a lotus in front of you and within you. As you witness the mind trying to capture the mystery, awareness touches the inmost self and spontaneous meditation arises.” “I felt clear, calm, and relieved of all physical tension as if I had meditated for several hours.” reflects author Sheldon Norberg. “It made me wonder what tremendous healing potential this device has for people with all sorts of ailments.”


   The Oaysis Holotope meditation is a new application of using primal elements in ways that have been a part of spiritual rituals throughout the world. Certain traditions use stained glass, precious stones, fire and drums, as well as chanting, all examples of light, form and sound. Each ceremony represents the effort of people to commune with a divine source in their own way. The Oaysis uses frequencies of color, strobing light, sound and universal geometry to reach an awareness of higher or expanded dimensions. Fontes explains, “We look at technology today as almost antithesis to the spirit. In reality, technology has served the spirit throughout the centuries. Look at any major cathedral, look at any major effort to lift the self - it is the highest technology available at that time. We need to elevate modern technology to do that now.”


   The Oaysis artwork centers on a stunning geometric mandala that creates the shadow of an 8th dimensional object on a 2 dimensional surface. This beautiful 8 dimensional geometric form is based on the E8 Polytope, a 248 dimensional geometry currently being explored in physics as the unifying symmetry of all universal forces. Some mathematicians consider the polytope to be the most beautiful shape in mathematics. The E8 calculation, a gigantic project taken on by an extensive team of mathematicians and supercomputers, extended into 60 gigabytes, the printout of which would cover an area the size of Manhattan. 

   Physicist Garret Lisi has shown the rotation of the E8 polytope and the corresponding relationship of all subatomic particles. In Lisi's theory, each of the 248 symmetries of E8 corresponds to a different elementary particle as it twists and turns over space-time, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry. On the Oaysis, each dimension of the 8 dimensional polytope is layered in brilliant colors, surrounded by an array of fractal patterns. Light compositions that have been developed over decades of experience with color and biofeedback reveal fascinating subtleties in the intricate geometry. As frequencies of light, sound and form blend, viewers are lifted into expanded perception.

   The Oaysis Mandala rises from Randall Fontes lifelong study of light and meditation, and his work doing color readings and meditation sessions with thousands of individuals. In his early career, his research focused on the reaction of plants to human emotions for The Secret Life of Plants, which became a notable book and movie. While working at the Stanford Research Institute and then later at the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco, he explored the communication between humans and other forms in nature. This research led to his interest in the primal forces of creation as a way to help people expand their consciousness. Fontes says his intention with the Oaysis is to create a bridge of light, sound and form to reawaken “the stillness of our inmost being.” 

   The center of the Oaysis represents the absolute still point around which the universe revolves at all times, which mirrors a place within the self that has a pristine stillness. “The universe is centered everywhere which means it is centered within each of us. This is the most effortless path toward peaceful meditation that I am aware of.” suggests Fontes. “To a shaman, meditation is not about getting empty and staying empty. It is quieting the mind's chatter so you can fill up with the universe and in the process become part of the bigger whole, no longer outside of it. The Oaysis is a way for people to quiet their minds, open their hearts, and fill themselves with the cosmos.”

   Fontes has developed special light compositions through years of guiding individual sessions with the Oaysis using biofeedback. Heart rate, galvanic electrical response in the skin, and pupil dilatation are examples of subtle physical responses that can be measured indicating emotional changes. During the Oaysis meditation, as the music and light forms transition, biofeedback tells the computer program which patterns are stimulating physical and emotional responses and memories. The computer then hovers around specific color compositions. As you watch the intricate play of light and color, it immediately reflects back to you what you are feeling as you unfold and resolve a particular issue. 

   “Our life history is embedded in the nervous system and musculature or “armoring” of our bodies.” says Fontes. “It is through sensory feedback, that it is possible for our bodies to speak directly to us. When we feel safe, we can begin to surrender many layers of physical and emotional holding that are no longer needed. If we are to achieve peace we must first acknowledge what our bodies have been asked to carry on our behalf. Just as each wave of the ocean smoothes and cleanses the beach, each wave of release within the body brings with it the opportunity to wash away another layer of holding. In this intimate experience of self, layers of the past fall away until you reach a place of peaceful communion with your Self.”

   The Oaysis integrates the male element of mathematics reflected by the symmetry of the polytope, with fractal patterns that represent the feminine element. “Fractals are asymmetrical nonlinear mathematics that swirl out into exotic shapes. Fractals allow us to understand nature as they underlie the ordinary shapes we see around us, plants, mountains, and animals,” describes Fontes. “The polytope is the height of symmetry that reflects the subatomic structure of reality, whereas the fractal is the height of nonlinear symmetry. Neither of these images by themselves will hold the mind for more than five or ten minutes. However, if you combine the symmetry and asymmetry, the male and female dance together and you can watch it forever.” 

   The polytope and fractals are a pair of complementarities- one is for order and one is for the rest of everything we can't explain. “There is an increasing amount of disorder in the world today”, says Fontes, “and we don't have a model in our collective consciousness that allows us to see the complementary order that is rising. Our culture is abandoning the feminine interior experience in favor of an imperial outer proof relationship. In order for us to gain strength we need to bring forth that inner direct experience of the truth, as opposed to the mediated truth through the mind only. These two must dance together in order to move forward both internally and externally.”

   Accessing an awareness of higher frequencies, the greater awareness in the chaos, is essential now in adapting to creative resources needed in our rapidly shifting world. As Marti Spiegelman from Shaman's Light explains, “A very small percentage of our perception, our linear awareness, is designed for giving us a sense of order and stability, but is not designed to engage in an ever changing reality. When one relies primarily on the linear processing of the chattering mind, change is going to be scary.” Our culture has developed to the point where we've lost awareness of the energies creating our reality moment to moment. 

   Peak moments of inspiration are where one can access creative solutions and miracles in the higher consciousness. “The Oaysis  is a tool to help you get in touch with your luminous awareness. If we are trapped in our minds just thinking about our problems, we are not actually participating in the creation of new solutions.' says Speigelman, “The shamans say you can't just watch creation, you must participate.” Imagine a problem you have today, one that appears static and, with the Oaysis meditation, imagine that you open yourself to witness the activity of that problem within the flow of the complementary forces of the universe. The Yaqui shamans tell us that when the inner dialog is brought to silence everything is possible. We can create anything, we can invent anything, and we can grow ourselves into anything.

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