Applications for The Light Labyrinth

Augment group interaction and consciousness: Group leaders are having profound results including this experience in group work, discussions and meditations. The beauty of the light programs help participants feel naturally secure and open.


Access deep states of meditation and inner guidance: The Light Labyrinth can help you enhance your spiritual practice and access the power of your crystals.


Enhance your space: The stunning light and color programs combined with natural crystals can bring harmony and vitality to any environment. Add elegance, peace and beauty to your life.


Reduce stress and enter into effortless meditation: Spend time revitalizing yourself with a Light, Color and Crystal meditation. Let the gentle light and color cycle calm your entire system: body, emotions, mind and spirit.


Inspire creativity: use the Light Labyrinth while you are designing, creating and planning to help access the creative centers of your mind and expand your imagination.


Go within for problem solving: A still mind is a true mind. Let the Light Labyrinth help you come back to your center and allow what is most real and true for you in the moment. Reclaim your mental clarity.


Enhance communication with loved ones and co-workers: The Light Labyrinth can assist in dissolving barriers and opening the heart.