The Music Visualizer

   The latest new program for the Light Labyrinth is The Music Visualizer which creates an experience of synethesia, allowing viewers to see what they are hearing and sense patterns in music and sound they would not normally perceive. This creates a multisensory experience of sound and music and helps viewers observe the deeper, often hidden, patterns of music. 

   The seven brilliant LED colors of the Light Labyrinth are each assigned a range of sound frequencies. The colors blend and dance to the ranges of sound frequency when played with any form of music for spectacular results. The music program also includes the ability to adjust the Sampling Rate, which is how often the sound is rendered into colored light. This enables the Light Labyrinth viewer to fine-tune The Music Visualizer™ to his or her specific musical sensitivity.

   Use the Music Visualizer for a multisensory auditory and visual feast with your favorite music, your voice or your instrument. This function accepts audio input from an iPod, stereo system, CD player, microphone, guitar, keyboard & more! 

   The ranges of sound frequencies are assigned color combinations that visualize the music. This will enable you to see what you are hearing, and notice subtle nuances in the music that you may not have noticed.


The Music Visualizer comes with a built in microphone, MIDI features and an adjustable sampling rate! 

Enjoy your music more!